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Regular PE Days


Mrs Cross


Miss Walton

Our PE day is every Thursday but please have PE kits in every day as we may occasionally need to change days.

Topic Overview:

We are very excited to have your child start in Reception with us this half term. Currently we are concentrating on settling your child into our daily routines and ensuring that they feel happy and confident within our setting.


We are beginning to learn about new routines and expectations, which will prepare them for the rest of the year. Initially we conduct baseline assessments on each child, to identify their strengths across all areas of Learning.  To make our topic even more fun and exciting we are calling it Mr Men, Little Miss & Me !


Each week we will focus on familiar Mr Men or Little Miss characters and learn about them and relevant issues within our classroom. For example:

Mr Happy-Things that make us happy.

Mr Greedy –Our favourite foods and snack time rules.

Little Miss Naughty—Creating our own class rules.

Our Early Years Team have worked very hard to create an enabling environment; which engages all children, focusing upon their specific interests identified on their ‘All about me sheets.’ We are having lots of fun getting to know one another and are making many new friends.



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