At Knutton St Mary’s Primary Academy we follow the National Curriculum 2014 for England.  Objectives are taken from the National Curriculum 2014 document and delivered using a range of interesting topics based on children’s interests.

In Maths, Reading and Writing, our co-ordinators have developed a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which we feel are key features that underpin learning in these areas.

  pdf Year 1 Literacy objectives (301 KB)                         pdf Year 2 Literacy objective (383 KB) s

  pdf Years 3 & 4 Literacy objectives (346 KB)                 pdf Years 5 & 6 Literacy objectives (447 KB)

pdf Maths KPIs Y1 (244 KB)                                           pdf Maths KPIs Y2 (248 KB)

pdf Maths KPIs Y3 (219 KB)                                           pdf Maths KPIs Y4 (250 KB)

pdf Maths KPIs Y5 (253 KB)                                           pdf Maths KPIs Y6 (226 KB)

pdf Science - Primary NC (244 KB)                               pdf PE - Primary NC (112 KB)

pdf Music - Primary NC (106 KB)                                    pdf MFL - Primary NC (109 KB)

pdf Maths - Primary NC (488 KB)                                   pdf History - Primary NC (132 KB)

pdf Geography - Primary NC (123 KB)                          pdf English - Primary NC (1.02 MB)

pdf DT - Primary NC (141 KB)                                       pdf Computing - Primary NC (108 KB)

pdf Art - Primary NC

(105 KB)

At Knutton St Mary’s we use the Read, Write, Inc phonics and spellings schemes.  All children begin on the phonics programme in Foundation Stage, progressing onto the spellings programme when they are ready.  For more information on Read, Write, Inc. please follow the link below.







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